Inspired by handwritten neons, Love Coat Rack uses steel to recreate the experience of writing by hand. Available in vibrant shades of pink and red, the latest addition to Block's Typographic range features the unflinching colour and line characteristic of the design studio.

‘I first encountered neon installations as an art student at the Venice Biennale,’ says Block’s lead designer, Tara Ashe, ‘it was a defining moment, and the interactions between colour and line offered by neon have become characteristic of the Block aesthetic. In the Love coat racks we wanted to bring typography to the fore, referencing the handwritten neons which inspired the range.’

Everything for Love Tracey Emin

'For the designer, the properties of neon offer unique opportunities and challenges' says Tara, 'obviously, neon must be fully contained in tubing, and that limitation necessitates a continuity of line that is very appealing.'

Typography is a long established element of Block product design, however, earlier typographic products such as the Perpetual Calendar and ABC Bookend feature retro graphology and geometric patterning; the Typographic coat racks follow a different signature of the studio: that of steel wire looped into intriguing forms.

Perpetual Calendar Blue

'Bleep' inspired typography on the Perpetual Calendar

Geometric graphology on the ABC Bookend



Wire Letter Rack and Wire Magazine Rack

Looped wire Letter and Magazine racks











Fruit Bowl, Lime

Looped wire Fruit Bowl