New Designers is an annual celebration of emerging graduates from some of the country's top design schools. The exhibition is a special platform in the design world as it showcases the best in student design as the final stage of a process of several years worth of learning, experience and development. Block were represented this year by our own talented young designer, Ashley Willard who was able to discover from the students themselves the trends and insights that have shaped their work.

New Designers

New Designers takes place in the impressive Business Design Centre in London and the first challenge for exhibitors is to create a stand-out display within this intimidating space. At Northumbria, this was achieved with the use of an immense pegboard to document the design process of graduates. Northumbria's brilliant tagline, 'Northern T(h)inkers' was born our beautifully in the work of students who showed both the intelligence of the 'thinker' and the craftsmanship of the 'tinker' in their product design.

ceramic pot

Brighton took a similar approach with their 'All thing considered' stand. Soft pastel hues coupled with natural materials were a noticeable combination across the show this year. One collection that caught our eye was 'Organised Chaos' by 3D design student Ellie Rains. Ellie's eye for combining earthy tones and beechwood with calming blues and yellows succeeded in creating harmony from the clutter of everyday life and we will be following the next moves of this talented designer with interest.

designs with cork

Ever on-trend cork featured heavily in many homeware pieces this year. Steven Brookes exploited the appeal and tactility of this natural material in a collection of desktop pieces aimed at organising, curating and celebrating our everyday objects; a concept we have been exploring at Block recently.