Nesting at Top Drawer, London is second nature to Block. Every Spring for nearly 15 years we have carefully packed up prototypes, products and props to exhibit at the iconic show. Nesting, whether we like it or not, is an apt metaphor here, because this is a show at which the designer momentarily loses her cool and like a protective and anxious hen watches as her creations emerge for the first time into the wider world.

This time however, the Block team had the great pleasure of visiting Top Drawer, London as visitors.  Our brief was to seek out gorgeous products to complement Block designs and we were spoiled for choice. It was a real treat to experience Home from the other side of the stands and we can't wait to reveal these new products alongside our own range.

Having sourced candles for our candle sticks, cord for our lighting and stationary for our deskware, we were able to catch up with friends from the design world and to explore emergent trends of 2016. Home, as anyone who has visited will know, can be overwhelming in terms of the quantity of quality design, yet as we weaved through the crowds, we found our eyes drawn to some striking products which, though diverse in material and purpose, were linked by a theme. Perhaps it was nostalgia, perhaps we were getting broody, but what really caught our attention was the nest.Nesting at Home

My Mug by Jansen+co is a beautiful collection of table top products in which colour clearly leads design. The pronounced colours of Jansen+co tableware can be combined in exciting ways to create compositions that look too good to use. We could have spent all day admiring this stand and it was a tough job deciding on our favourite image but we could not resist the gorgeous concentric circles of these nesting items in a palette that is not dissimilar to our own.

Nesting at Home

Nesting bowls by Joseph Joseph are a modern classic and we fell in love all over again with this product in its colour-led re-incarnation. This beautiful palette really enhances the use of line in this design, a rare thing in a product as genuinely useful and practical as this. We have no doubt that these bowls will be a great success, and loved the elegant display of products devised by the Joseph Joseph team.

Nesting at Home

Green & Blue have also been nesting for some time and their display of award-winning bird feeders looked stunning. We have long been fans of Green & Blue birdhouses and might just love these feeders even more. The choice of colour and glaze means that they resemble perfectly ripe fruits - very appealing on bare wintry branches to bird and human alike.

Top Drawer is a very special place and we all found inspiration in the people that we met, the talks we attended and of course in the inspirational designs of the pioneers, peers and heroes of the show. Back in the studio, with the snow falling outside, we began to reflect on our own range. Perhaps it's time for Block to start nesting, too...

Nesting at Home