The London Design Festival is a trend-spotter's dream come true: it is the one week of the year when the whole of the design community descend on the capital to reveal the secrets they have been guarding since last September. This is incredibly exciting, if a little nerve-wracking for the designers, who cannot help but notice how their own pieces sit within the abundance: on-trend, off-trend or trend-setting?  Perhaps we are a little biased, but one stand-out trend of the LDF 2016 was origami.

Three of the best origami designs at the LDF


foldability-origamiAt Foldability origami was layered to create intricate repetitions reminiscent of oceans and skies. If you missed Foldability at LDF you can experience the beauty of their creations at Plinth, where a new installation, 'Refraction' by Kyla McCullum includes an incredible 52,000 hand folded lines that can be viewed through kaleidoscopes.king-kong-design-moduuli

At king kong design we were mesmerised by the precision of the moduuli series. The lines seem to shift as you move your eyes across these works, opening up endless shapes and dimensions.


A return to the fold

Japan represents a personal and professional landmark for many designers, and Block's Tara Ashe is no exception.  ‘I returned from Japan
feeling that I had visited a nation of designers’, she recalls, ‘I was fascinated by the beautiful precision I met in every aspect of Japanese life and particularly by the impact that could be achieved with a simple fold.'

That fold is now a defining characteristic of many Block designs, including the Perpetual Calendar and ABC Bookends and this year Block decided to embrace origami more fully. The latest clock collection from Block applies principal origami folds to steel, creating shifting interactions between light and colour throughout the day.

At The London Design Festival 2016 we launched our Mountain and Pleat Fold clocks and felt in very good company. Long may the origami trend last.