The start of the year is always a busy and exciting time for us. Trade shows allow us to present our new products and to meet with customers. They also offer an insight into emerging to design trends. We are constantly inspired by fellow exhibitors in both London and New York. This week on the blog we share paper products that fuel our already alarming stationery habit.

Each one takes the humble material to new heights, finding innovative ways to encourage creativity and interaction.

Top Drawer London: Brighton-based design company Sukie have a beautiful range of stationery inspired by nature, folk art and prints collected from their travels.

They have taken their passion for found items to a new level with their range launched at Top Drawer earlier this year. The Vintage Office collection is comprised of Sukie founder Darrell’s personal collection of ephemera soucred from antique fairs and flea markets. Notebooks are packed with the carefully curated found papers, repurposing long forgotten prints.

The notebooks are an inviting canvas for creativity. The retro graphics provide an alternative background to the standard, and often intimidating, blank page.

To see more of Sukie’s range of stationery and gifts you can visit their website:

NY Now: Japanese company Knot’s Tearable Lamp, molds the classic shape of a traditional lamp using paper only. The user decides the final shape of the product, tearing at their leisure. Each lamp becomes a design entirely unique to the owner.

New York-based design company Gallery 91 have created beautiful Origami Cards. Based on traditional Japanese architectural model making techniques, their pop-up cards feature various landmarks. They create dramatic shadow play on their stand.