At Block we love a practical pegboard, but when it comes to delving into the more quirky, creative side of this inspiring storage staple, the sky really is the limit in terms of what you can do.

Pegboards are a blank canvas, a new leaf, a fresh sheet of white paper on which you can pour your own personality and individualism for everyone to see.

They can constantly be reinvented as time goes on and the pegboard never really dates as long as you can find a new way of reworking and re-imaging its aesthetic value.

So if you liked 13 ITEMS YOU NEED TO HANG ON YOUR PEGBOARD, we'll unveil the eccentric side of the pegboard you may not have already seen. So get your creative muscles ready for some of our most unique and intriguing pegboard ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Mother Nature Themed Pegboard

Whether you're welcoming Spring into your home in the middle of winter or you're looking to give your home a more organic, natural twist, why not embrace the great outdoors with these delicate flowers?


Pegboard Fries!

We love all love french fries, and it turns out your pegboard does too! Great for parties and quirky get-togethers, you'll definitely make an impression with this display...


Personalised Initial Pegboard

Freshen up your bedroom or workspace by incorporating a personalised pegboard, decorated with all the items that say something special about you!


Pegboard Wall Art

Get in touch with your artistic side and turn your favourite storage into a functional work of art.


Donut Pegboard Wall

This a-dough-rable idea will have everyone reaching for a sugar-dusted treat!


Pegboard Storage

This storage unit-meets-pegboard lets you customise on the outside and store your essentials on the inside.


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