This week on the blog we are helping you prepare to head back to uni. If you want to add an extra special, unique look to your university halls, our range of Block products is perfect. Stylish, colourful and guaranteed to catch the eye, your new uni friends are guaranteed to ask where you've got it from. We have picked out a few of our favourite Block products for your university creative space… (Photo credit: Furniture Choice)

Pack our Magazine Rack (shown here in Grey) to store your shiny new stationery, ready to be filled to the brim with brilliant ideas! Whether you're storing your new timetable or the folders for your course, our magazine rack will remain stylish and sturdy throughout. (Photo credit: Rarebreed)

Show off your memories from home to your new roomies with our Clipboard Frame. Or if you've started an art course, it's an ideal way for displaying pictures or photos for you to sketch. And keep your precious pens where you can find them easily with our Sketch Desk Tidy. (Photo credit: Rarebreed)

Our Pegboards and ever-increasing choice of Pegboard Accessories will provide a great place to keep university essentials to hand. Uni halls are notoriously small, so it's the perfect way to add extra storage to your room for all those bits and pieces you just had to bring with you! Check out our new Large Pegboard Shelf, now available to order. And just in case you don't want to screw into the walls in your uni halls, we have a Pegboard Stand so you don't miss out.

Alternatively choose on of our Wire Mesh Memoboards to create a noticeboard for your new uni desk. They come with a selection of clips and hooks ready to re-home your creative study collections. (Photo credit: Rarebreed)

Large Clipboard Frame in Pink. (Photo credit: Rarebreed)

Medium Clipboard Frame in White, Magazine Rack in Pink. (Photo credit: Rarebreed)

A Yellow Hello Coat Rack doubles as a cheerful sign for above a very productive desk! Above, Furniture Choice used our sign in their pick of essential accessories for going back to uni. (Photo credit: Furniture Choice)

And finally we had to share this creative space by Asma of Cocostyle Studio. We discovered Asma's desk on Instagram (follow @thesketchhouse) when she tagged our  White Wire Mesh Memoboard. We love seeing our products in action so please do tag @blockdesign so we can see yours! (Photo credit: @thesketchhouse)