There are few storage options as elegantly effective as a small pegboard.

Narrow hallways and cramped rooms are hard to fit with appropriate storage and furniture without massively impacting the look and practicality of your limited space. This is where your mini pegboard comes into play!

To help you reclaim your floor space and take back ownership of your interior walls with a creative and compact piece of modern storage - Block will give you a trio of our favourite downsized pegboard ideas that you simply can't live without.

The Hallway Space-saver

If you live in a house with a slim hallways or foyer, you'll know how hard it is finding furniture slender and suitable enough to do the job. Shelving can also be problematic, shrinking your entrance way space even further... So this is precisely why you need a hallway space-saver! Find a place for all your keys, jewellery, accessories and even a little flowery embellishment here and there to bring life and soul to your minimised room.


The Desk Organiser

Desk tops and workspaces can be messy and disorderly at the best of times, but this could all change with the pegboard office organiser! A simple yet efficient configuration of dowels and pegs helps create a resting space for business cards, stationery and even smart phones if you emulate this clever layout.


The Bedside Table Alternative

Smaller bedrooms are dominated by thebed frame, leaving very little room for wardrobes and drawer units, let alone bedside tables. In comes your solution - the pegboard table alternative. Cleverly transform your horizontal space by taking all your books, magazines, reading glasses and beverage cups by flipping it into a vertical nightstand.