Characterised by a straightforward, stripped-back design and functional fashion, Utilitarian style is something that's bang on trend right now. Emerging alongside is the pegboard, which perfectly encapsulates the function-over-form practicality at the heart of the utilitarian mindset. Based on a refreshing simplicity that incorporates a series of simple, streamlined wooden accessories, the pegboard takes design work back to its roots, focusing on efficiency over elaborate detail.

But looking beyond the hype, fads, and this week's popular hashtags, is the pegboard here to stay? We definitely think so!  But if you still need some convincing, Block Design will tell you why the pegboard style is far more than just a fleeting craze...


What makes pegboards so unique is the practical aesthetic that abandons all fussy and fancy design work in favour of a stripped back look. What you're left with is a completely functional skeleton - a blank canvas where all the accessories you hang slowly begin to construct a personal style statement of your own.


From the living room, to the kitchen, the office and the hallway - the pegboards fit into any room of the home and can be used pretty much anywhere. If also doesn't matter how contemporary or traditional your home is, you can find a pegboard colour or design that will compliment your four walls brilliantly.

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Part of the pegboard's appeal is that it looks like it's been taken straight from a workshop. It's a multi-purpose, DIY space-saver that reduces desk and cabinet clutter, offering an effortlessly simple alternative to storage.


There are plenty of pegboard possibilities to get you inspired! Not only can you choose from a unique array of colour shades to get you started, there's an almost infinite number of project ideas you can find to help spark your imagination. It's amazing how the positioning of a few wooden pegs can help  completely reshape your interior decor vision, so get customising your pegboard to your heart's content!

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