Laura Perryman | Colour of Saying

When Laura of Perryman visited us at Home, Olympia and handed us a business card in yellow neon we immediately knew that we had met a kindred spirit. Now trend consultant at , Laura started off by studying Printed Textiles at Loughborough University and then at the RCA in London. 'I always had a love for materials', she says, 'and worked with contemporary technologies and hard surfaces. This lent well to start a career designing for performance textiles, consumer electronics and automotive applications.' Laura has an interesting portfolio, having worked with brands as diverse as Nokia, Toyota, Speedo and Habitat. 'This', she says, 'has given me a unique understanding of colour, material and surface application across multiple industries on a commercial level.'

In recent years, Laura has shared her colour expertise as a consultant. At Global Color Research she was Director of Colour Consultancy Projects for 3 years. She now work as a consultant to brands and businesses using insight and trend forecasting as well as knowledge of colour and material techniques and technologies to guide successful and considered aesthetic choices.

Speaking internationally about design, Colour and Material Design (CMF) and how trends influence the objects, services we choose to buy as consumers, Laura sums up the importance of her work: 'Anticipating what’s next is imperative for any company to stay ahead when working in industries where aesthetics and tactility is the first thing that consumers engage with.'

Working with such diverse businesses and brands must mean that Laura often has to park her personal taste and consider colour in an objective fashion. With this in mind, we decided to ask the Colour and Materials Designer to share some of her own favourite items and to reveal her own Life in Colour.


1. Colour Book

This book is a personal continual diary of colour that I’ve gathered and recorded for inspiration from collected finds, painted swatches to screen printed fabrics and materials. The book is a journal and a process, developing over 10 years + from learning how to mix colour for the first time to making collections for design projects. This book documents a journey of learning, mixing colours by eye, translating the shades into dye recipes for textiles and the action of applying them to materials. This is basically where I started as a designer; I’d be lost without it!

Colour Book Laura Perryman

2. Coloured Finds

In the job that I do I often have to find interesting ways of displaying and communicating colour for different clients. On this occasion I had to find lots of eclectic finds and dip them in paint colours that represented the trend palettes. I’ve still kept them today, as I love the spontaneous marks and the proportions of colour and material. They sit on a shelf in my living room.

Collected Finds Laura Perryman

3. Glaze

I’m obsessed by processes and I love working with certain material to explore colour. I often make original colour reference samples as part of my approach to colour consultancy. Therefore my clients get something completely unique to their brand. Glaze is a collection of ceramic samples I created, which apply washes of colour with subtle surface patterning techniques. I love the way the green transitions into the natural clay tone. I always have them to hand as a reference as materials change when colour is applied; texture, tone and finishes are fundamentally altered.

Glaze Laura Perryman


4. Espalier Tiles by Daniel Heath

A set of slate tiles in my house, which I love and are one of my favourite objects, are designed and made by my husband Daniel Heath. I love the timeworn natural colour of the slate, as it changes in the light from purple to dark brown. He etches his hand drawn illustrations onto the surface, and as the materials are reclaimed they come with their own patina. The designs add to this and gently they age together but also extend the life of the material.

Dan Heath

My favourite Block product

Coloured Peg Board I think is my favorite Block object. This summer I moved into a new studio and I was trying to find ways of adding little pops of colour to my workspace. The bold colours work well and help add personality to a desk space.

Block Yellow Pegboard, Medium