This week we are in the fantastic company of Mark Jessett on the blog! Mark is a Paper Consultant with G . F Smith, the UK’s leading specialist paper supplier. We love his visits to the studio as he brings gorgeous samples of G . F Smith's latest products, inspirational books full of the most beautiful card and paper.

Mark studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths’ College, London (graduated in 1996). He has worked in the paper industry for over fifteen years. Aswell as being a Paper Consultant with G . F Smith, Mark is also an artist. His art practice encompasses drawing, painting and collage. In recent years, he has concentrated on making works on paper. Mark makes paintings that explore relationships between colour, surface texture, translucency and opacity, whose inspiration comes from graphic design, folklore and the made environment.

Mark shares with us 4 colourful objects that tell his story...

'My Life in Colour' - Mark Jessett, PaintItem 1 – Paint

There’s a great sense of potential and responsibility in a collection of good paint. I firmly believe in using the best quality paints available and giving myself as much colour choice as I can. I don’t holdwith the idea that three colours are enough; three hundred, perhaps. The Fantabulous Paintbox belonged to my mum, and I used it when I was young. Now it reminds me of a time when each painting I made was a new adventure, unburdened by any kind of relationship with the wider world.

'My Life in Colour' - Mark Jessett, GF Smith-paperItem 2 – Paper Swatch

I could tell you such a lot about paper and what it means to me. In short, it has a magical simplicity, and really great papers have this underlying refinement and sophistication that make them precious, in a way. Again, it’s really about potential.

'My Life in Colour' - Mark Jessett, GlassItem 3 – Coloured Glass

My wife, Milly, and I have always bought coloured glass. We don’t collect it, as such, we just pick upbits that we like wherever we find them. In the right light, glass does such wonderful things.

'My Life in Colour' - Mark Jessett, BookItem 4 – Hella Jongerius

My first experience of Dutch designer Hella Jongerius’ work left me confused; I liked it, but couldn’t imagine it coming from one source. She is creatively open and does things with form, colour and materials that feel very brave. It made me acknowledge the rigidity that had overpowered my own work, and started me considering colour more

To see Mark's work and to learn more about G . F Smith follow the links below:
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