We are thrilled to launch our new website with a guest blog feature from interior stylist and creative director Tiffany Grant-Riley. We love following Tiffany's beautiful Instagram (@curatedisplay) and catching up with her fantastic blog Curate & Display. There was excitement all round when our pegboard was featured in her stylish workspace makeover!

In the first of our relaunched monthly feature 'My Life in Objects' Tiffany shares with us four objects that hold huge importance and what they mean to her...

Block, Life in Colour: Tiffany Grant-Riley-jug

Image One: Watering can

Plants are a huge part of my life. For a long time I was a very keen gardener, then we moved and our new garden was so much harder to understand than our old one where everything grew. So I started to shift my attentions to inside the house instead and I soon discovered that I’m actually pretty good at houseplants. This really simple Ikea watering can fits in so well with our decor that I like to keep it out on display. I have over 40 potted plants now and have plans to turn the whole house into an urban jungle. Just don’t tell my husband.

Block, Life in Colour: Tiffany Grant-Riley-record player

Image Two: 1970s Hacker Record Player

I’ve always lived in a house with a record player and my mother brought us up on the Motown records from her college days, with a little bit of T-Rex thrown in for good measure. The Hacker was the first piece of furniture my in-laws bought when they moved into their family home in the early 70s and it’s a piece of furniture my husband grew up with. Now it sits in our living space and we’ve joined our record collections. I love the symbolism in that. Our children love to have me put records on for them to dance to. Music is everything in our home.

Block, Life in Colour: Tiffany Grant-Riley-Mic

Image Three: Shure Microphone

Ten years ago during the second year of my Stage Management degree I was given a technical sound role and my responsibilities involved acquiring and understanding how to use the various bits of sound equipment we needed for the show we were working on (including several of these mics). Not being a technical person (even after graduating!) I hadn’t a clue where to start, so my production manager sent me to the Music Department to speak to some guy called Rob Riley. Three years later, I married him.

Block, Life in Colour: Tiffany Grant-Riley-Fairy

Image Four: A Letter From The Fairies

I think this tiny piece of card is one of the most precious things I will ever own. When I was about 7 or 8 I’d had a particularly stubborn wobbly tooth which, despite my efforts, wasn’t budging. One evening after school I went to my ballet class in a hall where the polished floor made it very easy to slip and fall, which I did. Later when we came home I discovered my tooth had gone, probably lost forever somewhere in that hall. I was devastated. A few mornings later, I found this beautiful card under my pillow. Made by my mother who lovingly painted the scene of the fairy on the front, the back is gold and hand etched with a message to say that my tooth was safe and with them at the castle. I want to pass the sense of wonder I felt at discovering that on to my own children too. So magical.

Objects images by Tiffany Grant-RileyProfile image by Kristy Noble