Things are moving fast at Block as we move into what promises to be a very exciting year. An inspiring new studio space is almost ready for action, trips around the world are being organised, and those sketches of 2015 have been transfigured into some rather lovely (if we do say so ourselves) new products.

With so many plans and ideas we will have to be both organised and creative; not always an easy balance to strike. Lucky then that back in the sunny days of September lead designer, Tara set the team a challenge: to design a peg board accessory that would be both highly functional and pleasingly interactive.

Here are some of the results.


Pegboard letters

A personal favourite, pegboard letters fit snuggly into the holes on your pegboard as if they had always meant to be there. Write a message, make a wall planner, play a little scrabble... endlessly absorbing and incredibly satisfying. Pegboard letters make writing a to-do list feel like poetry: now that's creative organisation.






Pegboard Shelf

If you have a pegboard then you need a pegboard shelf. If you don't have pegboard you need one on to which to put this shelf. This winning addition is in birch and features pleasingly curved supporting brackets that echo the circular pegs and holes.




Pegboard for organisation; Pegboard for creativity

If Tara's challenge has revealed anything it is that the pegboard is an endlessly generous canvas for both creativity and organisation. Also that there are some quietly competitive characters in our midst! Our pegboard hack to-do list now contains 47 ideas and keeps growing.

If you would like to see our top ten pegboard hacks, you can find the pegboard clock, the pegboard planter and other ideas demonstrated on our you-tube channel here.