Next week we will be launching our NEW range of printed PegBoards at Maison & Objet. Here's a sneak preview of the Map range available to order in the Spring. If you just can't wait that long check out our current range of coloured pegboards here...

Our printed map range features 'CityScapes' too. The PegBoards are supplied as usual with our coloured pegs to record trips or plan future adventures. They are a brilliant alternative to a noticeboard for displaying travel keepsakes and memories.

The inspiration for the design comes from beautiful vintage maps of the 1950's. The natural colour of the board is perfect for a retro feel.

On our wish list at the moment is Suck's Cork Globe, the brilliant globe in supplied with pins to 'pinpoint' your way around the world.

We love Luckies Scratch Map featuring a gold foil top layer. Once a country has been visited, the intrepid traveller gets to scratch it off to reveal beautifully vibrant details beneath. Scratching also reveals amazing facts about the world.

The Future Mapping Company have a fantastic range of thought provoking maps. They use an equal-area projection to represent countries in their correct proportional size (something which a lot of maps don't do). The colours are beautiful too.