Block's Clipboard Frame Small is a design tool for the instant display of memories, projects and plans.

Like its older and larger sibling, Clipboard is interested in social media as a cultural phenomenon, 'online, everyone is a curator', says lead designer Tara Ashe. 'We edit our experiences and select the ones we wish to share. Clipboard Frame is a physical feed; it makes creating a display easy, creative and very satisfying.'

Clipboard Frame Small prototype

Asked about the inspiration for this product, Tara emphasised the minimalism of the design: 'there are so many picture frames on the market, and some are very clever or very beautiful but because they are not simple to use they lead to displays that are static and outdated. With the Clipboard range wanted to blow the dust from the traditional photo frame and create something that was not only very easy to update, but would actually inspire creativity in the act of selection, curation and display.'

clipboard frames

Instant appeal

With the latest addition to the Clipboard range,  Block have created a frame that is perfectly proportioned to complement instant photography. This simple frame is a reminder that as we adjust the camera settings on our smart phones to the square shot required by Instagram we are doing something both thoroughly new and rooted in creative history.

Andy Warhol Polaroid