Hello Coat Rack is a new design-led coat hook inspired by handwritten neons.

Block’s lead designer, Tara Ashe, recalls her first encounter with neon installations as an art student at the Venice Biennale as a defining moment and the interactions between colour and line offered by neon have become characteristic of Block design.

Something strange happened here

Discovered in the late 19th century, neon has always been as much about art as function, and although its practical use for signage has waned, it continues to fascinate artists and audiences worldwide.

It was just a kiss

In the Hello Coat Rack colour and line are used to create a functional piece that is evocative of the handwritten neons of contemporary artists. Using a single length of powder-coated steel, Hello Coat Rack recreates the experience of writing by hand, offering a universal welcome to guests and bringing positivity to any space. 

hello coat rack

The Hello Coat Rack is available here in three on-trend colours.