This week we are launching our new PegBoard. We have been using our peg board clad wall in the studio (below) for our own design process for years. It is such a creative media and perfect for displaying materials, samples and ideas.

Last month Elle Decoration magazine predicted a revival of the peg board for interiors. The simplicity and functionality of the concept makes peg board a flexible form of storage but also look great when customised.

An inspiring array of peg board usage can also be seen currently in visual merchandising. The example below is taken from the brilliant design gift subscription company Not Another Bill pop up post-box at The Shop at Blue Bird. For more creative use of the media check out our Pinterest board here

We love the interesting take of the peg board in mixed media. Below is 'Peggy' Wall Paper by Mini Moderns. Their wallpaper is 'inspired by the humble peg boards from hardware stores and junk shops around Dungeness'. Check out their website for a beautiful range of home accessories and furnishings.

Below is the 'Wardrobe' made of powder coated perforated metal, available at Dowse. Developed from the folded perforated walls used in workshops, the three-dimensional object has shelves and hooking capabilities at different levels.

We have launched our PegBoard noticeboard in 3 sizes - Large, Medium and Small in 5 colours.