This week we ask dads of the design world to talk us through their perfect Father's Day...

Darrell Gibbs from Sukie:

"I am married to Julia and we have 3 children, 10 year twin boys and our thirteen year old daughter. My perfect father's day would ,most importantly, consist of being given home made cards from the children, I’m not bothered about presents - I love seeing their drawings!

Other than that I’ve found that doing something that all the children want to do is the key to having a good day as if they are happy so are we! The other member of the family is Finn the Labradoodle so at some point in the day he will get a nice family walk on the South Downs or we will all go down to the beautiful beach near us.

I’ll also make a call to my father who is huge inspiration to me. He is 81, still works full time as a design engineer and is interested in absolutely everything!"

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Brothers Mark and Jamie Antoniades from J-me:

Jamie - "I'd spend the day with my son going karting then racing his radio control car. This would be followed by a cool action movie in the cinema. In the evening I would meet up with my dad at a whisky tasting event. So I'd be celebrating both as a dad and for my dad!"

Mark - "I would start with breakfast in bed – soft poached eggs, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, toast and tea, cooked by the children (with guidance from mummy) – brown sauce please! Take remote control boats to Hampstead Heath boating lake followed by pub lunch then lovely long walk. Take away dinner at home later too followed by movie with plenty of snacks and a glass of wine!"

Image credit: Rare Breed

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Gavin Christman from Green & Blue:

"The perfect Father's Day for me would be very laid back. Probably starting with one of my wife Kate's brunches and then, as we're talking perfect Father's days it would be sunny, blue skies and offshore, I'd take the whole family down to Holywell where we're paddleboard, even the dog, and then I'd surf and we'd finish the day tired, sandy-toed and happy!"

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Mark Faulkner from Repeat Repeat:

"A card is lodged in the toast rack. Happy Father’s Day written in unconvincing wobbly early morning handwriting. The gum on the envelope is still slightly damp. Inside is a hand-made voucher ‘An hour helping in the garden’. Brilliant! 

We start in the shed. It needs clearing out and there’s nothing better than a trip to the tip. Loads of stuff including old radiators, wall lights, bathroom tiles and a bent Swingball are loaded into the van.

Do I need the Electric Pond Protector? We haven’t got a pond nor are we thinking of having one. I leave it on the shelf just in case.

We find a bag of old footballs. I win the keepy-uppies but narrowly lose the head tennis. The Swingball comes back out of the van for the decider. I let him win…..

My hour is up. He goes back into the house. I go to ask the neighbour for the footballs back.


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