You can now find these handy White Ceramic Wall Pots on our website. They act as great ceramic wall planters, and, as they have not hole in the bottom, they are perfect for displaying fresh flowers too.

We also have variations of the Ceramic Hanging Wall Pot for our Pegboards and Wire Mesh Memoboard.

The Ceramic Hanging Pot for Pegboards is supplied with a wooden peg to hang the white storage pot snugly from your Block Pegboard.

The pots look great in pairs or a set of three,  look out for multiple pot offers on the product pages!

The Ceramic Hanging Pot for Wire Mesh Memoboard is supplied with an S Hook to hang anywhere you wish on your display.

The white ceramic storage pots are perfect for your stylish succulents and stationery and you can move around at your leisure.

We also launched a String Shelf for the Wire Mesh Memoboard, following the success of our Pegboard Shelves. Check out more pics here.

And if you can't commit to a spot on the wall (or your Pegboard or Wire Mesh Memoboard) the White Ceramic Storage Pots sit neatly on your desk as free-standing tidies!