Every Tuesday evening the Block team head to a local artist’s studio for a spot of life drawing. It’s become an integral part of the week. Many of the skills required for the intensive drawing session lend themselves heavily to product design.

Studying and depicting the human figure is an exercise in perspective and proportion. As we have become more confident with our mark making this week we have introduced colour into our works of art!

The life drawing studio is a hive of creativity and colour, full of pastels, paint and chalk. We have also been dipping into our Kuretake Gansai watercolours (above).

The joy of using new pencils and paints each week has inspired a few new additions to our own stationery range! Watch this space...

We can’t wait to get stuck into the oils next week, keep an eye on Instagram (@blockdesign) for our efforts!

To find a life drawing class near to you, visit this link: https://www.lovelifedrawing.com/lifedrawingclasses/