Block design blog talks to talented new photographer, Sarah Bennett about her graduate show, Capture 135 at Free Range 2016. We ask her about her distinctive style, and how she found inspiration in Block product design.


How would you describe your photographic style?

I would describe my photographic style as quite graphic and vibrant.

I love working in the studio and experimenting with composing images using various objects that interest me, and materials such as paper.

I focus on shapes, colour, shadow and the form of objects. I try to find ways to abstract them, or to emphasise certain characteristics.

I also like playing with perception - seeing how I can trick the eye through choice of perspective or depth.

Another side to my work is more conceptual, and these projects are driven by an idea or theme rather than studio experimentation.

Who are your artistic inspirations?

I have been hugely inspired by the work of many still life photographers such as Carl Kleiner, Scheltens & Abbenes and Ania Wawrzkowicz, mainly because of the way they spend time physically creating sets.

Desk TidyThese are more like temporary sculptures that are photographed and dismantled. I find this hands-on way of working more appealing than relying on Photoshop or CGI.

As a perfectionist myself, I am particularly amazed at the clean finish of Carl Kleiner's work.

How did you discover Block?

I first saw the Sketch Desk Tidy at Foyles. I thought it was so striking and unique that I went straight to the Block website to see the rest of the products.

Why did you choose to use Block products in your work?

I decided on this project before finding a company or specific products, but once I found the Sketch Desk Tidy I realised Block would fit perfectly. As well as the vibrant colours which I was immediately drawn to, and the very satisfying clean lines, the thing about Block that really fit my own project was the obvious influence from other branches of art and design such as architecture and sculpture.


What is your favourite Block item that you do not possess?


I love the look of the new Clipboard Frame because I always want to display more of the photos I take rather than keeping everything on my phone or laptop. Such an easy and nice looking way to do so would mean I had no excuse! I would also use it to clip up reminders or to-do lists as I love things that help me to keep organised.

What are your future plans?

I plan to freelance as a still life photographer, producing creative work for creative companies similar to Block. My website, features my work and I also like to take some behind the scenes pictures for my instagram feed, @sarahnb__.