Concept store El Moderno is located in the centre of Madrid, in the vibrant neighbourhood Malasaña. Formed by couple Delphine Costenoble and David Yerga, the shop is filled with creative living inspiration and original ideas for home decor that follows the latest trends, including design accessories, unique gifts and so much more to brighten up your day.

David and Delphine are both passionate about art, fashion and design. With graphic designer David’s experience as a student of Fine Arts and Delphine’s visual merchandising background, they teamed up to create El Moderno Concept Store.

When did your shop open?

We opened on September 3, 2016. We perfectly remember this date because it was Delphine's birthday. We called a group of friends to help with any last-minute details to the store before our grand opening. We had never set up a store before and we were a little nervous.

Why did you choose to open in Malasaña, Madrid?

We decided to open El Moderno Concept Store in Malasaña because we live in the area. Our idea was to create a space in Madrid’s most artistic neighbourhood, where we can be in direct contact with people, talk to them about what they want to buy, and to sell unique products that are made with time and love.

Tell us about your favourite details of your shop.

One detail that we like most about our store is the location. El Moderno is on Corredera Baja in San Pablo, which is one of the entrances to the Malasaña neighborhood from Gran Vía. It is a street full of life, with small businesses that opt for quality products. Being a very central street we have a very diverse public. More than 30% of our customers are from overseas and we also have a lot of national tourism and people from the neighbourhood. We never get bored. Another feature that we like is the lower level of our store; where we frequently create new exhibitions.

Please share with us a special moment for your shop.

A special moment that mean a lot to us is when we see a customer bring someone new to our store. We are filled with joy and satisfaction when this happens. It just means that the customer wants to share what El Moderno has to offer because it’s a place they truly enjoy.

Have you had any surprise best sellers?

A surprise best seller for us is the magnifying glasses that help you read. It is noticeable that the population is getting older :). Not only that but everything related to plants and pots is a tremendous success in our store.

What’s next for you and your shop?

We are currently developing a web shop. Although with the large amount of products in the store, we are considering putting a smaller selection of items online. Another goal of ours is to expand our range of items produced in collaboration with artists and craftsmen. With Javier Zabala, we have launched a series of posters of Madrid’s most famous places and with Mikel Casal we have made a series of printed illustrations on wood; we have around 30 items now.

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