This week we visited the Barbican Shop to see our Concrete Jewellery on display as part of their new spring season.
The 'New Brutal' collection features their pick of the best Brutalist-inspired gifts, each influenced by the 'like it or loathe it' architectural movement.

The new collection is launched in line with 'Make! The New Brutal' – a Barbican Shop season of creative workshops and events inspired by Brutalist architecture. Inspired by the architecture of the Barbican itself, Make! The New Brutal will explore how the Brutalist movement has influenced everyday life in more ways than we realise, and how it has reinvented itself today. Through a series of talks, creative events and workshops, the season will discover how contemporary makers, designers and authors have all been shaped by Brutalist architecture, and will celebrate its recent revival. Read more here:

A Grade II listed building, the Barbican is one of London’s best examples of Brutalist architecture.

The Barbican was developed from designs by architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon as part of a utopian vision to transform an area of London left devastated by bombing during the Second World War.

The Centre took over a decade to build and was opened by The Queen in 1982, who declared it ‘one of the modern wonders of the world’ with the building seen as a landmark in terms of its scale, cohesion and ambition. Its stunning spaces and unique location at the heart of the Barbican Estate have made it an internationally recognised venue, set within an urban landscape acknowledged as one of the most significant architectural achievements of the 20th century.

However, The Barbican Centre's design – a concrete ziggurat – has always been controversial and divides opinion. It was voted "London's ugliest building" in a Grey London poll in September 2003.

We are in the 'love it' camp, Brutalism being one of our favourite architectural movements, and the inspiration behind our Concrete Jewellery.