This week we get to know David from our brilliant stockist Lift in Southwold.

David moved to Suffolk from London last year to imagine his dream of having his own shop. After working for different retailers including Paperchase, Muji and Selfridges, David managed the shops at the National Gallery and London Zoo before deciding to got it alone and open his own unique lifestyle shop in Southwold.

Why did you choose to open in Southwold on the Suffolk coast?

I have always loved Southwold since visiting a few winters ago. It's a brilliant seaside town with some great independent shops, a wonderful beach and pier, lots of character and a super brewery, what more could a town need! Southwold was the perfect place for Lift and I don't think I could have opened anywhere else.

Tell us about your favourite details of your shop.

I love our huge light-boxes which we use for display. They glow in the middle of the shop. My dad helped me to build them and I think they’re a great feature of our shop. I also really like our ‘Lift it Forward’ campaign where we give £5 to every 200th customer so they can do something good within their community. I ask them to send us a postcard explaining what they did and I really love sharing what people have done.

Please share with us a special moment for your shop.

Probably the day we opened. It had taken such a long time to get Lift open it felt like a really special moment to achieve the dream. My hands were shaking as I unlocked the door the first morning.

Have you had any surprise bestsellers?

Our pouches have been really popular. We make them ourselves in nine different colours. I love hearing what people use them for as everyone seems to have a different use! Our Hello coat-hooks from Block always get lots of attention too.

What’s next for you and your shop?

I am looking forward to the summer and launching more ranges, we’re working on some really exciting new stationery products we’ve designed.

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